Thursday, October 31

Thrifted Thursday ...

Today may be Halloween for some of you, but for these two Acorns that live on Elms, this Thrifted Thursday means the 8th anniversary of "us"! 

There was a bonfire, spiked apple cider, and good friends to tell (not so) spooky stories. It was the perfect Halloween.

Now, those 8 years have gone by in a strange way that seems to have both taken forever & flown by...

For this Thrifted Thursday I thought I'd show you my favorite piece of jewelry; a cameo that my sweet guy surprised me with.

At the time we found it, we were broke, like spaghetti every meal broke, & Even though it broke my heart to walk by, I couldn't justify the $40.

...but guess who could? 

How are you spending this Halloween? 
What are you dressed as?

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ChatterBlossom said...

Happy anniversary to you! And what a lovely gift you got too!