Thursday, November 21

That One Book

I don't know how you stand with Pooh, but to me he's the greatest.

 I'm not talking about the bright yellow guy sporting the red shirt that Disney adapted, but he's adorable too. I'm talking about the naked bear that hangs out with the little kid decked out in monstrously cute 20's outfits. 

Any book that starts with a map is bound to be an epic adventure!

My mother used to read this to my brother & me, & when I moved out, she gave the book to me.

Now, I've kept up the tradition by reading to Mr. Acorns & the fur babies as we go to sleep, and every time I end up waking him up by laughing. 

And, Bonus!, playing Poohsticks is pretty fun.

"Now one day Pooh and Piglet and Rabbit and Roo were all playing Poohsticks together. They had dropped their sticks in when Rabbit said "Go!" and then they had hurried across to the other side of the bridge, and now they were all leaning over the edge, waiting to see whose stick would come out first. But it was a long time coming, because the river was very lazy that day, and hardly seemed to mind if it didn't ever get there at all."

What was your favorite book as a kid? Do you still read it?

Wednesday, November 20

Mystery Initials

Love finding bits of history that are personalized!

Thursday, November 14

Thrifted Thursday... The Portrait

The best part about going out hunting is the anticipation of finding something great. Even if you've been on a dud roll, this thrill keeps you digging until long after your hands feel grimy & you'd nearly give anything for a drop of Purell. 

Then it happens. The Holy Grail with an affordable price tag!

She sits on the mantle, and although now she seems like part of the family, there were many times when I'd look up at her & my mind would just reel at who this calm looking woman was. A friend or a lover? A widow or a mother? Maybe all

I guess even if I had some knowledge of her life, I'd never really know who she was. Which really is an extraordinarily great feeling selling vintage or antiques. It's both humbling and reassuring.

I looked up both the school & the names but came up with nothing.

And since the first woman started teaching there in 1878 & women had been taking classes here decades before that, the painting could've been done by either a man or a woman. 

But the final "this is meant to be!" moment came when I noticed the date 
APR 20, 1938
just happens to be my birthday (a few decades off!) 

What is your "Holy Grail" find?

Thursday, November 7

Where Toy Train Parts & Sewing Books Combine

For any of you that follow my Instagram, this may look sorta familiar to you, I found another one. 

Last Saturday, while rummaging through the dollar box, I found this model train transformer. Simple black & cream with a neat art deco font.

It weighs a ton & has sharp edges that easily tear through bags to smash unsuspecting toes. The two of us did that dance four times before I learned my lesson.

After the final pain rage subsided, I thought "Why in the world...?!" 

Then the vintage sewing books started to act drunk & all fall down. 

Problem solved! 


I was pretty terrified to "upcycle" but it turned out about you? 
Have you had good luck with repurposing?