Thursday, November 14

Thrifted Thursday... The Portrait

The best part about going out hunting is the anticipation of finding something great. Even if you've been on a dud roll, this thrill keeps you digging until long after your hands feel grimy & you'd nearly give anything for a drop of Purell. 

Then it happens. The Holy Grail with an affordable price tag!

She sits on the mantle, and although now she seems like part of the family, there were many times when I'd look up at her & my mind would just reel at who this calm looking woman was. A friend or a lover? A widow or a mother? Maybe all

I guess even if I had some knowledge of her life, I'd never really know who she was. Which really is an extraordinarily great feeling selling vintage or antiques. It's both humbling and reassuring.

I looked up both the school & the names but came up with nothing.

And since the first woman started teaching there in 1878 & women had been taking classes here decades before that, the painting could've been done by either a man or a woman. 

But the final "this is meant to be!" moment came when I noticed the date 
APR 20, 1938
just happens to be my birthday (a few decades off!) 

What is your "Holy Grail" find?


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

WOW! this is so great. Ive had a few great finds and a few finds I wish I would have bit the bullet and bought. I think one of the best finds was an old school map I got for 12 bucks :) I love it but love that painting you have too.

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh my, that is such a great thrifted item! i love finding such wonderful items that i want to hold onto forever, it's a wonderful feeling!

lindsey louise

ChatterBlossom said...

Holy moly that is tremendously cool!! The lady herself is a beauty but to be your b-day date too?! So neat! I actually just purchased my holy grail piece a few days ago and o h m y g o s h. It is weep worthy. I late 1880s piece of art depicting a young girl. Her face and hands are painted and her outfit and hair are done in crewel work embroidery with silk thread. it is magnificent and still in its original frame. $50!!!!!

A Book Bound Life said...

Great Pics! I would probably say that one of my favorite finds is a photo album from a missionary that traveled around the world, They are all from the man college days, to the 1920s.

A Book Bound Life said...

Great photo! I would have to say that one of my favorite finds is a photo album that belonged to a missionary. It starts from his college days at Assumption college, and goes through his missionary days in the thirties and forties.