Thursday, October 31

Thrifted Thursday ...

Today may be Halloween for some of you, but for these two Acorns that live on Elms, this Thrifted Thursday means the 8th anniversary of "us"! 

There was a bonfire, spiked apple cider, and good friends to tell (not so) spooky stories. It was the perfect Halloween.

Now, those 8 years have gone by in a strange way that seems to have both taken forever & flown by...

For this Thrifted Thursday I thought I'd show you my favorite piece of jewelry; a cameo that my sweet guy surprised me with.

At the time we found it, we were broke, like spaghetti every meal broke, & Even though it broke my heart to walk by, I couldn't justify the $40.

...but guess who could? 

How are you spending this Halloween? 
What are you dressed as?

Friday, October 25

Thrifted Thursday. The Pair of Purple Rugs

I started working at the Antique store when I was 15. Being a teenager I didn't care a bit about the old dusty things I was selling...
but cared a whole lot about my boss' sons

So I treated it as a job & measured a good weekend by smiles & flirts instead of old things with stories to tell. Needless to say, I didn't buy much

These two purple area rugs were something I couldn't pass up though.

These sisters, seem to have nothing in common but their colors.
(and here is where my adult historian storytelling heart is mad at my teenage self) There was a third full sized rug, that combined the two of these different themes, that I passed on. 

At antique stores, flea markets & yard sales I always keep an eye out, but I've yet to find it. I can only imagine where that gem ended up

Dreamy window. Curlicues. Window box full of colorful blooms. 

Vases filled with colorful blooms. A chandelier. Magic flower filled smoke billows.

The cats (at home) were hellbent on shredding these two, so instead of letting them sit in the closet for another 3 years, why not make my work cubicle (...ahem mansion) a bit less work-y!

And now! 

Puppy in a cubicle...tail wagging

Which one do you like better Victorian Scenes or Arabian Dreams?

Cleopatra Bones is having trouble deciding

Wednesday, October 23

Wordless Wednesday...The Perfect Crunch

This morning, as I walked to the mailbox to drop in some packages, I came to the end of the sidewalk and stopped for the leaves. Which is an unremarkable thing really, they're dead leaves. But I had this urge to pick up a handful, crush them into confetti & run under them as they fell.  

It was awesome! It smelled like someone took a zester to autumn and it felt like being six. 

And that impulsive moment I'd forgotten what every little girl with long hair knows...
leaves are a bitch to comb out.

Monday, October 21

Move In Ready

Hello there, Dolls! I hope your weekend was great & that transitioning into Monday wasn't nearly as "Ugh" as it was for me! Although, last week at work we got a delivery of cubicles so I get to move into mine today. 

Normally, people don't get too jazzed about moving from a desk by a window with a glorious view of trees & a river...buuut these cubicles are nearly mansion sized & I'm increasing my storage by about 3 times.
Little victories in the workplace. 

Anyways, weekends are for hunting, here's a little snippet

Some treasures from the weekend. Autumn floral scene brooch. Hunter green gloves. Leaf shaped seed pearl brooch. Rin Tin Tin German Shepherd game.

& a Mary Houghton's religious birthday book from Christmas 1880.

Thursday, October 17

Thrifted Thursday...Record Dancers

Aren't these two so cute? 

Printed on thick double sided cardstock and sitting on a gourd shaped brass stand, a couple is dancing endlessly. A swatch of fabric is gathered to make her skirt 3-D and whether or not she knows how big her bottom half looks...

This is the sorta thing that I can imagine being in most peoples homes, at least homes with romantic young ladies. 

That said, I have yet to find anything about our cardboard couple & since there aren't any markings or writing on either side, it was a frustrating search.

Based on her Marcel Wave...& his tuxedo with the spats and the white gloves I'm going with late teens/early 20's.

The other thing that stumped me was I'm not sure exactly how fast they were supposed to be dancing, from the front they look ready to Waltz all night, but when you flip it over...

She looks like she's ready to call it a night. That or she's tired of his wandering gaze? What exactly is he looking at?

So I experimented. First up, was a 78 RPM single of Judy Garland singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Which, I know that song wasn't produced or even sung until decades later, but the speed of 78 RPM (rotations per minute) was the standard speed until the 1950's, so this would've been the speed they'd be dancing to.

After World War II, technology had improved and the 33 1/2 Long Play (LP) record came about. The 33 1/2 RPM spun slower so I picked "This is Tommy Dorsey and his Clambake Seven". I shit you not. Mr. Dorsey thought that was a good title to put on a record for all the world to see. Haha

The song is "Sailing at Midnight" sung by Leslie Burke. 
So in short, I should have picked a better mix of songs,
 but that said, which do you like better? 

Thursday, October 10

Thrifted Thursday

I wanted to try something new here. A weekly theme all about something I bought that's either vintage or antique that is currently lending its beauty to my house....Welcome to Thrifting Thursday!

I thought of this, because firstly, I love writing on this little blog, but often get overwhelmed by all the stuff I could say which usually leaves saying nothing at all. & Secondly, I can get a bit...hoardy

As in, I frequently get asked when the museum is opening. So here's free admission for you dolls!

The books, in the way books tend to be, fill every room. They hide about in the shadows until they feel at home then they get up & fill nearly every flat surface. They attack like ants...only with more substance & beauty.

Some suitcases & a chair with gorgeous details.

Books, suitcases & chairs with caning so delicate they usually just end up as plant stands

That's about 90 percent of my house. No, I'm only kidding...about the chairs.

The suitcases (and the trunks) are a real problem. I moved in with Mr. Acorns with 7. He said no more. Three years later, he's given up on them & we've  near quadrupled our stacks of them. 

The bottom trunk was the start of it all. I found it in my parents attic filled with college papers from an aunt. I navigated it down the creaky stairs & filled it with all the treasures a 10 year old could possess. I was in heaven!

So, there you are! Feel free to join in,  I'd love to see your thrifted gold!