Saturday, March 19

A night blooming flower of my own

Moonflowers. Every year, for three years, I've tried to grow them. And Every year, for three years, I've been unsucessful.

This year as soon as I saw the seed stand go up, meaning that spring was somehow close, I grabbed the Moonflower seeds. After they'd had an overnight soaking, I planted them. Lo and behold, Two have sprouted! This might just be my year!

Saturday, March 5


While I'm well aware that I live in (and love) New England, this winter was intense! We had snowstorms, Every Week! Our solution? Invite people over and have snow parties. Wine was involved, since driving was obviously out. And since we now live in a central location it was great to see other humans- walking in the streets, pushing cars out of snowbanks, ice skating in Elm Park...

Jersey sums up our winter.....