Friday, December 13

Life Lately

 Well this week has been a doozy for us on Elm Street!

A week ago in a cozy used bookstore surrounded by cats Mr. Acorns & I made it official! It was a wonderful surprise he planned. From taking the day off from work, to the secretly packed suitcase, to the overnight away to frolic in a winter wonderland, it was perfect.

Work (boring day job work) has been crazy busy. At first it had me anxiously pulling my hair out, worrying about all the things I should be doing for the shop.

But in the end, this warehouse gig is something I can’t quit & there are only so many hours in a day, so when life gives you lemons…

The practical side of me realizes this vintage load has gotten out of control. I have hoarded myself into, not one, but several cozy mountains of decades old clothes. But I hate neglecting all that this vintage loving business encompasses.

So, I’m taking some time off from the blog to start climbing these mountains, but you can still find me on Facebook and Instagram

Wishing all you Lovelies the happiest of holidays! I'll see you in the New Year!

Thursday, December 5

Cleaning House

Grandma was a hoarder, Mum was a thrower-outer, I was the kid who hides "treasures" under her bed. 

My mum didn't like to have "stuff" around. She grew up in Grandmas house, which at best was a well packed away museum.

Unlike my mother, I'm the sort of person who feels comfortable with things around & I have a pretty steady collection of antiques to prove it.

Finding things hidden in the closets of my little apartment is great fun...but to smile & say "Oh! " then put it back...seems stupid.

These are all from my own home 
& will be in the shop starting tomorrow

Providing I don't chicken out on parting with any of these... 

What have you parted with? 
Did you regret selling it or were you happy just having it in the first place?

Wednesday, December 4

"Christmas List 2013; I am having a brain fart"

He leaves little notes around the house for me to find. When I laugh at the funnystrangehonest things he writes, he still seems surprised...even after 8 years of it.

I couldn't decide between #7 and Note #2