Monday, January 21

Weekend Hours

Some things are created 
just to blow minds. 

Barely worn leather pumps. 
Navy blue.
Triangle cut details.
Not my size.

Maybe they will fit one of you lovelies 

Friday, January 18


So...remember when I told you that my freesia bulbs sprouted?
I thought it was a bad idea to plant all of the bulbs at once. I, in a 'continuous blooms all winter would be great!' way, thought it would be better to wait.

So I planted them all!
 It may be dreary after they all wilt and die,
 but it will be one spectacular scented show when they all bloom!

(now I just need to stake them before they all fall over)

Monday, January 14

Cardinal: The Winter Bird

I realize there must be hundreds of better pictures of cardinals on Google. 
Fire engine red looking angry (always...always looking angry) on fluffy fresh snow.

Clearly this isn't one of those.

To begin with, I was at work, hence the "fire" red. 
B, These two are the only decent pictures I took....out of  121.
And finally, all of my oohing & awwing, while crouching on a chair (& even a brief kneeling on a desk) wasn't noticed by the boss.


Cardinals have always reminded me of my grandma. She hoarded pictures of them. She had several that lived & darted around the bay window & a feeder that sat directly under the cushioned seat there.

I've never seen a female cardinal in real life. The whole experience was quite awesome. 
She was beautiful in her own right, 
but different...
acutely aware of every thing happening around her.

It was quite magical.