Saturday, March 31

Curtains are up! They may have taken me over a year, and may or may not be crooked, but they are up! Picture me wobling around between two bar stools with an old fashioned crank hand drill teetering in my nervous grip, basically the very thing your mother would kill you if she caught you doing.

The curtains are a $ 3 thrift store find, and I love how the lace changes along the bottom to a curvy row of roses. The glass 'pins' or curtain tiebacks are opalescent rosettes and look identical to those produced by the Sandwich Glass Company. Although I doubt they are due to the fact they were $ 10 each, they are still gorgeous and catch the light in magical ways.

Saturday, March 3

Daffodils and Snowflakes

The last snowstorm. We spent the night cozied up with some wine, thinking the next morning would be just as sparkly and snowy pretty...but it wasn't. Oh well, I would take flowers over snowflakes, any day!

Any guesses as to what the white globe is?
It's a porch post from my grandma's house. She's lived there forever, and I'd bet that this is older than she is. I love it...don't really know what to do with it, but love it. Oh, and fyi, the old posts were falling off, have been replaced with new posts, and I asked first if I could take it. :)

Until next time, little Acorns!

Thursday, March 1

Pearls Hanging From A Doorknob

The other night, I was that lazy that I couldn't put a necklace away...and there it stayed for a few days. Upon noticing it again, it struck me how different perspectives can change the focus and story so completely