Thursday, June 27

Mend, Soak, Wash...Repeat.

I've come across a bunch of awesome pieces in the past few months. Not only vintage clothes, but vintage fabric, antique lace, and scarves.

And it's awesome! Every time I buy something new, or go hunting for new treasures, it renews my love. I spend days imagining who will end up with this great piece of history that I happened upon.

And sometimes you have to take a chance...take a deep breath and either dive in or turn around and walk back down the ladder.

And sometimes you find out that gleaming clean pool is actually like a giant mud puddle.

Missing buttons, ripped seams, stains & funky odors are just some of the surprises we vintage sellers find. It's like winning more on a scratch ticket than you'd thought...only it's's funky basement moth ball scent that takes five washes to lift.

Anyways, I had been putting off restoring a few things & all of a sudden those few things had taken over an entire chair at the dining room table. Like heaping-over-the-table-can't-smoosh-it-down-and-push-in-anymore takeover.

So that's what I've been doing and that's what's coming soon. We vintage sellers are like your Grandma...
"That button's a bit loose, Sweetie, come here & I'll fix ya right up"

This doily was Orange with stains & smelled horrible. So it was quarantined...this is it's fifth and final rinse, I wish I'd taken pictures of the before. I've been hoarding little doilies like this for some future wedding crafting.

Until next time friends!

Tuesday, June 11

Yes, I Do Have A Funover

I spent the past week with a dear old friend. 
She's the kind of person who has overcome huge obstacles in her life, yet she's always laughing!
She's the kind of person who would drop everything to help a loved one.
She's a nut & I'm lucky to have met her.

Now that she's on her way back to North Carolina, I'm feeling really funover. 

I have what seems like a thousand things to list. I haven't posted here in over a month. And do you know what I spent my day doing? 

Editing pictures of my I can make a bumper sticker. 
Based on an actual facebook conversation.

For my car. Which I'm totally going to rock. 

In other news of procrastinating: 

Now off to do some real work.