Sunday, May 27

The Smell of Summer

As hard I try, I can't believe it's really Memorial Day weekend. Weeks pass by, yet they feel like days. I'm still stuck in mid April!

Yet, the two Christmas cactus, who wanted nothing to do with us in winter, when we needed them most, have started to bloom. Profusely!

Well, who am I to argue with nature?
Christmas in May

I bought these peonies, unopened, yesterday while at the market. We sidetracked to a park bench to watch the world go by, which they didn't like too much. By the time we meandered home and put them in water, they opened to have a dash of fuchia in the center. Joyous surprise!

Peonies and stained glass

The blue glass is something I got at the Antique shop years ago. There were four of these blue and two more in green glass, and even though they were way out of my college student budget I didn't hesitate to scoop them up...who needs car insurance anyways? They were, at one point part of a window; the edges still have a chalky hardened adhesive on them.
You can see the two a bit better here


Tuesday, May 22

Salem sans Burning Witches

Lily of the Valley...

 Petal snowstorm. The best kind of storm

 Perfect. Lace. Curtains. (need I say more?)

 A perfect garden...a big shady tree, defined walkways, a statue and a secluded lower section. "Good fences make good neighbors" True that, Mr. Frost.

No comment, just this...cast iron awesome

I'm kind of embarrased to admit this, but I've rarely been to Salem, MA without the cloud of Halloween hanging over it. Not that it's bad, mind you, the Halloween bug. It's just...not a whole picture of the gem that we discovered on the back streets.

Anywho, my (historian) dad knows a (historian) guy who does a walking tour of Salem (not ghost or witch related). In costume. In character. I honestly couldn't tell you much info from the tour (the 20 loud Texan women could be to blame...) But really, I blame my overwhelmed eyes/mind/soul combo and a camera at my disposal. It was wonderful.

Until next time Seedlings!

Wednesday, May 16


My favorite thing about having plants, is to prune them. Seriously. It's so relaxing.
Also, a few fun advantages (I'll elaborate later on):
  • They look nice and some smell pretty
  • Some Prevent mold or remove toxins from air
  • So Many Craft Projects!
  • Increase humidity & air quality
  • Talent-free Shadow Puppets
  • Stress Reducing! 
  • And, as Jersey demonstrates, excellent for games of hide and seek!

Until next time,
Go bury an acorn!

Saturday, May 12

Working hardly

view from the desk

peaceful scents sitting in a woven bit of heaven

gold shoes and a hungry kitty

To be honest, I had been working...but there was a lull and it's beautiful out! I love Saturdays surrounded by antiques. And the kitty is the semi famous Ali Hannah Rose.

Wednesday, May 9

Rain & An Old Factory

nature reclaiming
raindrops on ivy
creeping up the walls
a view from above
It was gloomy and wet here today, I might have let it get to me if not for stumbling upon a new restaurant, NU Cafe. Excellent food, great beer and a cool ambiance? What's better than that?!

What else have the bricks of this old factory held besides rain drenched ivy?

"The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention
but the fulfillment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall."
-Helen Garner