Tuesday, May 22

Salem sans Burning Witches

Lily of the Valley...

 Petal snowstorm. The best kind of storm

 Perfect. Lace. Curtains. (need I say more?)

 A perfect garden...a big shady tree, defined walkways, a statue and a secluded lower section. "Good fences make good neighbors" True that, Mr. Frost.

No comment, just this...cast iron awesome

I'm kind of embarrased to admit this, but I've rarely been to Salem, MA without the cloud of Halloween hanging over it. Not that it's bad, mind you, the Halloween bug. It's just...not a whole picture of the gem that we discovered on the back streets.

Anywho, my (historian) dad knows a (historian) guy who does a walking tour of Salem (not ghost or witch related). In costume. In character. I honestly couldn't tell you much info from the tour (the 20 loud Texan women could be to blame...) But really, I blame my overwhelmed eyes/mind/soul combo and a camera at my disposal. It was wonderful.

Until next time Seedlings!

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