Wednesday, June 8

For My Alexander

Home, what a beautiful thing! I listened to this song about 80 times yesterday while giving my dining room a scrubbing I doubt it's seen since 1935. As My Alexander lay sick in bed in the other room, this song seemed especially appropriate. As grateful as I am to live in the place I do now, as enchanted as I am by dark woodwork, french doors, and things that take up space; it really doesn't mean anything. I could give it all up in a heartbeat, because my real home is in him; his heart, his soul.

A lovely hazy video, perfect for this June heat wave. 

Wednesday, June 1

Newport bound!

Tornado warnings with heavy rain and lightning, but we're heading to the ocean. Can't wait for some wine and lobster! And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to have 7 hours to myself between Thursday & Friday while Alex is out sailing. I don't even know what I might do with myself!
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