Sunday, October 31

 Mummy, Poker Face, Autumn, Wood Nymph

Mac, Greenman, and (covered his costume) Allan from the Hangover

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Much happiness here on Elm, Halloween is here!
Aside from being a magical holiday by itself, it also happens to be Alex and my anniversary. 5 years today…it seems so much longer…and at the same time like it’s only been a few months. <3

So to celebrate our day we: took a drive, stopped at a bookstore, drank some hot apple cider, ate some Italian food, then back home to make a pillow fort in the living room where we watched movies with our two favorite furry nuggets. Heavenly? Yes, absolutely.

As we’ve done for the past five years, we had a Halloween Bash last night. We generally have a problem with picture taking during these; as in the only proof that the night existed (besides an odd costume and a thudding headache) is a few sober shots when everyone is arriving, then a bunch of not-so-sober group shots from the end. This year was different! Yay for us!

Monday, October 25

I've been feeling a bit restless lately, and needing something in my life. Big changes have swept into my life in the past couple of months and in order not to lose my footing on sanity, so I thought I would start a blog!

My second thought for this half-Birthday was to wash my wicker settee. It had been sitting in my grandmother's barn, patiently waiting for the day when bums would sit on it again. Apparently, I'm not the only one who fell for it's ancient white Victorian twirls

Friday, October 22

Pumpkin Patch

Is there a better way to spend a fall day than with a hot drink at a pumpkin patch? I thought that you might agree!

So we took a drive to the country, braved the masses of kids and parents to get the perfect pumpkin. I know it's silly, but I feel bad for the one's I pick up and they don't make the cut. Always always always! It's as if I've gotten their little seedy hearts all jazzed up to find a home on someone's front porch, and deny!

Us...this picture brought to you by Alex's long arms

Hide and seek!
The Maize Maze...heh heh

Wednesday, October 20

So here we are, Hello & Welcome!

I guess we'll just dive in!

This wicker love seat was rescued by yours truly from the scariest of places for unwanted/ no longer used things: Grandma's Barn Attic. It's a place of wonder for sure.

As the story goes, sometime in the late '40's my grandparents were driving around on a back road when they noticed this Victorian beauty. Dumped on the side of the road. DUMPED. Curlicues and all.
So being the young couple with dreams in their hearts and love in their heads they picked it up.

I'm not sure how long it was in the attic, I do remember it being on the porch in the summer, but it was surely in need of some love. So into the bath it went! 

Jersey is on the left, Cali on the right.

And here's Cali lounging once it reached it's home in the bay window. You can barely see the greenery that makes up the bay window garden, those are worthy of their own post entirely.