Sunday, October 31

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Much happiness here on Elm, Halloween is here!
Aside from being a magical holiday by itself, it also happens to be Alex and my anniversary. 5 years today…it seems so much longer…and at the same time like it’s only been a few months. <3

So to celebrate our day we: took a drive, stopped at a bookstore, drank some hot apple cider, ate some Italian food, then back home to make a pillow fort in the living room where we watched movies with our two favorite furry nuggets. Heavenly? Yes, absolutely.

As we’ve done for the past five years, we had a Halloween Bash last night. We generally have a problem with picture taking during these; as in the only proof that the night existed (besides an odd costume and a thudding headache) is a few sober shots when everyone is arriving, then a bunch of not-so-sober group shots from the end. This year was different! Yay for us!

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