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Not at all innocent, but Cute

Dirt & Mica


Love the color

Autumn garden rescue

From the same grocery store beast

So first of all, I'll apologize for the poor quality photos, let's call it a phone experiment. My apartment has wonderful lighting- when visiting in person- yet for photography after dark? Let's just call it a work in process.
As for the pictures, here's some Ivy that I plan on propagating. How? Easy!
 Cut a healthy stalk (around 3 inches in length works well)
Remove the leaves from the bottom making a sort of tail
Place the cutting in water (using any clear container works best)
Make sure no leaves are in the water
Leave in a bright spot out of direct sunlight
Make sure the water level stays the same
(If water starts to get green or cloudy, just change the water)
This methood is also called "rooting". In about a week, you will notice the ivy start to sprout roots. Wait until the roots are about half the size of the cutting, then plant in soil! A quick and cheap way to fill your house with plants. Or, share with friends and family.
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