Tuesday, February 28

Ranunculus: A Flower Lover's Dream

A hundred crepe paper petals suspended on thick wildly waving stems. These lovely beasts sure had a mind of their own!

Wednesday, February 15

Oh, Love

It's February...you can't escape it if you try :)

Here's hoping the little naked angel finds you!

In case you were wondering about the green & blue glass panes, I wrote briefly on them. I always thought that would be a great looking and pretty easy project. All you would need is some paint, glass panes & a stencil. Any takers?

Monday, February 13

An Unexpected Find

Just when you think it's another dull Monday...a dull Monday where you've put off doing laundry a bit too long...and winter, even thought it's been mild, is still winter and still dragging on...

Imagine, laundry basket on hip, prying open the elevator doors to the basement. Expecting, well, expecting a boring cement basement and finding....the exact opposite

A Free Couch. A free Antique couch, in good shape. And to add that we don't have a couch (even though we've been here for well over a year) that's obviously a sign...right?

I did a quick sniff, followed by a quick bounce, threw the laundry in the machine and flew back up six floors. Knowing that while Alex was washing dishes, I had quite possibly found the greatest unexpected free couch ever.

Thursday, February 2

Flowers in a Fountain

IMAG0107 by acornsfromelms
I doubt I've ever wanted so badly to be small enough to lounge on that amazing hibiscus. 
This was taken at Tower Hill Botanical Garden. It's a serene and magical place as only a garden can be. Tower Hill has long been a place of refuge for me. 

When we were in school, Alex and I would sometimes skip our last classes of the day. We would head anywhere, really, but my favorite place, by far, was here. We'd take a camera, a book and a sketchbook & let the afternoon warmly slip into evening.