Monday, February 13

An Unexpected Find

Just when you think it's another dull Monday...a dull Monday where you've put off doing laundry a bit too long...and winter, even thought it's been mild, is still winter and still dragging on...

Imagine, laundry basket on hip, prying open the elevator doors to the basement. Expecting, well, expecting a boring cement basement and finding....the exact opposite

A Free Couch. A free Antique couch, in good shape. And to add that we don't have a couch (even though we've been here for well over a year) that's obviously a sign...right?

I did a quick sniff, followed by a quick bounce, threw the laundry in the machine and flew back up six floors. Knowing that while Alex was washing dishes, I had quite possibly found the greatest unexpected free couch ever.


A Book Bound Life said...

It goes so well in the living roomm! Once again, a nice find!

Kait said...

Thank you! And I really had the easy job here!

Sandra Quitzimouche said...

this is amazing! i LOVE finding stuff in the street!
i once found this nice bed frame that had an antique style, but it was too small and damaged...
i live on the 5th floor too without an elevator and it took me over a year to find a couch as well...thrifted, of course.

ps-just discovered your blog and it's really nice!

Acorns from Elms said...

Thanks Sandra!
Aww, well maybe someone else was able to use that bed frame...that's too bad for you though.
Yeah 5th floor buddies!! and now I don't feel too bad, it took me that long ;)

Thank you so much!