Wednesday, October 20

So here we are, Hello & Welcome!

I guess we'll just dive in!

This wicker love seat was rescued by yours truly from the scariest of places for unwanted/ no longer used things: Grandma's Barn Attic. It's a place of wonder for sure.

As the story goes, sometime in the late '40's my grandparents were driving around on a back road when they noticed this Victorian beauty. Dumped on the side of the road. DUMPED. Curlicues and all.
So being the young couple with dreams in their hearts and love in their heads they picked it up.

I'm not sure how long it was in the attic, I do remember it being on the porch in the summer, but it was surely in need of some love. So into the bath it went! 

Jersey is on the left, Cali on the right.

And here's Cali lounging once it reached it's home in the bay window. You can barely see the greenery that makes up the bay window garden, those are worthy of their own post entirely. 

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