Friday, October 25

Thrifted Thursday. The Pair of Purple Rugs

I started working at the Antique store when I was 15. Being a teenager I didn't care a bit about the old dusty things I was selling...
but cared a whole lot about my boss' sons

So I treated it as a job & measured a good weekend by smiles & flirts instead of old things with stories to tell. Needless to say, I didn't buy much

These two purple area rugs were something I couldn't pass up though.

These sisters, seem to have nothing in common but their colors.
(and here is where my adult historian storytelling heart is mad at my teenage self) There was a third full sized rug, that combined the two of these different themes, that I passed on. 

At antique stores, flea markets & yard sales I always keep an eye out, but I've yet to find it. I can only imagine where that gem ended up

Dreamy window. Curlicues. Window box full of colorful blooms. 

Vases filled with colorful blooms. A chandelier. Magic flower filled smoke billows.

The cats (at home) were hellbent on shredding these two, so instead of letting them sit in the closet for another 3 years, why not make my work cubicle (...ahem mansion) a bit less work-y!

And now! 

Puppy in a cubicle...tail wagging

Which one do you like better Victorian Scenes or Arabian Dreams?

Cleopatra Bones is having trouble deciding


Sandra said...

wow that sounds like such a crazy story! but i can totally relate as i started thrifting in my hometown rather late -think of all the gems i could have found if i had been a good vintage buyer at age 14!

either way, it's good your intuition acted. i think those are the best purchases in the end.

it's really hard to pick, these are both amazing! if you ever regret again missing out on the rest of the set you can get the consolation of having bought 2, not 1! ha!

Acorns from Elms said...

Haha, just imagine where we'll be in ten years! You are so right, I was forgetting to look on the sunny side!

ChatterBlossom said...

I quite love the arabian themed one!