Thursday, October 10

Thrifted Thursday

I wanted to try something new here. A weekly theme all about something I bought that's either vintage or antique that is currently lending its beauty to my house....Welcome to Thrifting Thursday!

I thought of this, because firstly, I love writing on this little blog, but often get overwhelmed by all the stuff I could say which usually leaves saying nothing at all. & Secondly, I can get a bit...hoardy

As in, I frequently get asked when the museum is opening. So here's free admission for you dolls!

The books, in the way books tend to be, fill every room. They hide about in the shadows until they feel at home then they get up & fill nearly every flat surface. They attack like ants...only with more substance & beauty.

Some suitcases & a chair with gorgeous details.

Books, suitcases & chairs with caning so delicate they usually just end up as plant stands

That's about 90 percent of my house. No, I'm only kidding...about the chairs.

The suitcases (and the trunks) are a real problem. I moved in with Mr. Acorns with 7. He said no more. Three years later, he's given up on them & we've  near quadrupled our stacks of them. 

The bottom trunk was the start of it all. I found it in my parents attic filled with college papers from an aunt. I navigated it down the creaky stairs & filled it with all the treasures a 10 year old could possess. I was in heaven!

So, there you are! Feel free to join in,  I'd love to see your thrifted gold!


Anonymous said...

I love the suitcases! Your house looks amazing!

Acorns from Elms said...

Oh thank you, you are sweet!

ChatterBlossom said...

I love this new post series!! I have stacked suitcases too (yours are much lovelier though!).

Acorns from Elms said...

Thank you, Jamie! That mean so much!