Thursday, November 7

Where Toy Train Parts & Sewing Books Combine

For any of you that follow my Instagram, this may look sorta familiar to you, I found another one. 

Last Saturday, while rummaging through the dollar box, I found this model train transformer. Simple black & cream with a neat art deco font.

It weighs a ton & has sharp edges that easily tear through bags to smash unsuspecting toes. The two of us did that dance four times before I learned my lesson.

After the final pain rage subsided, I thought "Why in the world...?!" 

Then the vintage sewing books started to act drunk & all fall down. 

Problem solved! 


I was pretty terrified to "upcycle" but it turned out about you? 
Have you had good luck with repurposing?


Sandra said...

ha ha, that's a great idea! i tend to be hoarding too many useless pretty old objects as well, it's nice to see them put to (some) use.

Desiree said...

A great use for it :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only person that collects random things to put on bookshelves.