Tuesday, August 27

Spools of Thread

The last big sewing project I had was about three years ago. A friend of mine was getting married & instead of giving my money to David's Bridal I decided I'd scour the internet for a used one.

Four dresses later, with a week until the wedding, I was in a rough place. 

One was too long, one too short. One too big, and one made me look like a pregnant horse.

So I got out the seam ripper & my moms 1970's avocado green Singer & got to work. I kid you not, an hour before the ceremony I just had it finished.

It ended up turning out great, strapless tea length fit & flare. And just like shopping vintage, no one else in the party had my dress! 

This weekend I had the misfortune of attending the creepiest estate sale ever. It felt strange just driving up to it, but thinking I was just being a baby, I went in. 

No one around, except for a guy throwing mattresses into a red pick up who said he wasn't running the sale & didn't know whoever was went. Inside Stank of Awful & mattress man decided he should ignore the rules of personal space.

And the only "vintage clothing" found were four stained pleather biker jackets. 

So tell me, aside from buttons & hem repairs,
have you ever made an outfit or dress? 
& while we're on the subject, 
creepiest buying/yard/estate sale experience you've had?


The Braided Bandit said...

Wow that estate sale sounds terrifying! Even though I run a vintage shop, I have yet to go to an estate sale even though its something I really would like to try! I hem dresses weekly but have yet to try to make something from scratch! I just bought the fabric to try something this weekend though :)
Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah


Acorns from Elms said...

Haha, yeah it was pretty intense! Much different from the thrift stores I usually go to! Oh you are good, I usually pass the hemming off to my mom! Good luck with whatever you make, I'd love to hear more!
Enjoy your weekend!

Rebecca said...

I have never made an entire outfit. I don't think I am that talented. :) I just have done the odd alteration to fix for my petite height. Your dress sounds beautiful!
I have never had an experience like your estate sale! Sounds too creepy!


Acorns from Elms said...

Thank you so much! I'm sure you could make some magic happen, you have such great style!