Tuesday, August 13

A Little Check In

I'm going to start this post with two disclaimers...I can't handle my Tequila. And sometimes, I forget that. The other one, never.

There's a story floating around from six years ago that no single member of my family will let me forget. Something about me announcing to the party that we were leaving because I have a very important meeting in the morning...with the King of the Lawn Gnomes who gets pissed easily & starts throwing logs...because the fate of all woodland creatures everywhere was up to me & my drunken mind. 

So when my aunt asked me if I could help her sell some of her stuff, I said yes willingly (sober, btw). After a margarita I had told her I'd help her neighbor sell stuff. By the end of the night I had wormed my way into countless yard sales, renting a van & being completely overwhelmed in someone else's basement for the past 3 weeks.

So that's where I've been. & have a thousand things for my own shop that I need to do.
Maybe this will be a lesson in saying "no"?

In other news, as I was flipping through the pictures on my phone, I found this gem.

I squinted at it for a good minute, but not before yelling out "Holy Moses, when did I see a brick of cocaine...and why does it look so pretty...?!" 

Thinking back along the weekend and wondering if I really could've met someone in my travels and coming up squeaky clean, I brought it to Mr. Acorns. 

Who laughed hysterically.

"Babe, that's a pair of shoes. You bet me I couldn't tie a nice looking bow, so I did, there's your proof. 
& Don't forget you owe me ten bucks!"

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