Sunday, July 28

Childhood Memories

Seeing as how last week was a pretty steady 100+ F (38 C) with humidity a few of my plants died. 

Yes, you read that right. A few plants died. I am a terrible person. My soul is as black as my thumb. In my defense, I wanted to die too & this orchid had been going strong since April. 

This 60's dress frock needs some work, like to be steamed, but whatever, I'm sneaking you all a peek. Aside from being gorgeous, it reminded me so much of being a kid & playing dress up I probably would've bought it even if it were ugly. 

Growing up my mom had a huge cardboard box filled with clothes under her bed. Clothes that she had outgrown like this fantastic backless floral dress. Or her bright pink lace prom dress that she hated (but was so fairy princess Barbie for a kid) even though (or maybe because) Grandma made it for her. Come to think of it, there were a few homemade dresses in there. 

And all of these clothes smelled the same, like if this were a movie there would be clips of happy kids running through grass in the sunshine. And you know what else? That dress above, by some freak coincidence, smelled just like that old box of dress ups.

What was your favorite thing to dress up in as a kid?


ChatterBlossom said...

Ah, poor little orchid! I'm sorry you have been so hot! Hopefully it cools for you soon!

Acorns from Elms said...

Thank you so much, sweet Jamie!

Wildfell Hall said...

it's weird I don't remember dressing up at all but I do remember putting make up all over my poor grandmother's face....

Acorns from Elms said...

Really? You are sure making up for it now!

Hahaha! I'm sure lipstick on her cheek was just the thing she needed...