Friday, September 6

Brimfield Bound

Today we played hooky & drove out to Brimfield to go to the last flea market of 2013. 

I rather like going on the last days, I feel like the sellers are more human & faced with the threat of having to haul stuff home, are way more likely to give good deals.

We dont usually buy much, but we always find something & we always have a great time. 
Mr. Acorns grew up in the town so its fun to see who still works at the Italian restaurant & the gas station.

Personally my favorite part of the day is picnicing on the bank of the river.

So loaded with a twenty & a smile, we'll see what the day brings us!
Happy Friday to you!


Rebecca said...

The flea market is fantastic! I like your idea about going on the last days to get better deals! The picnic sounds lovely!


ChatterBlossom said...

Flea market AND a picnic? Yes, sign me up!

Rosalind said...

I adore flea markets but now I have to try very hard not to get carried away because I could quite easily look at that vintage leather trunk and think "ooh, that would be so useful. I could store loads in there..." before reminding myself that I have no where to put it!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh, i love going to flea markets! sometimes they can be rather pricey, so i really just gather inspiration as well! i love that trunk!

lindsey louise

chantilly said...

nothing better than flea markets, right? i love that trunk! i've been wanting one like that for a long time, that doesn't cost a million dollars :P


Acorns from Elms said...

Not having enough space is something I always forget...especially when it comes to trunks!

Acorns from Elms said...

Thank you!

Acorns from Elms said...

A picnic with wine, no less!

Acorns from Elms said...

There's no place better to get inspired than at a flea market!

Acorns from Elms said...

It was a gorgeous one...unfortunately they knew it too. way way too expensive :(