Thursday, July 5

Moose Crossing

You've seen the signs on the highway.
Those two little words on a yellow road sign have harassed me since I was little kid. Countless road trips riding in the back seat next to my brother, we'd spot the Moose Crossing sign; and, what no doubt became my parents dream, became an agonizing game of seek for us. We pressed our faces against the glass and barely blinked as we silently searched.
Yet, every trip turned up the same results: Nothing, Nope, Nadda
& an overly hopeful "Next Time!" from the front of the car.
So this trip I wasn't expecting much. I didn't even think the "moose thought". Maybe that's the reason things turned out the way they did.
evidence that antlers have been here

different layers of tree & bark cut open

sap cool

tracking like an amateur

close up with nature litter inside


who me?

My brother was the one who heard it first, a clomp-clomp-squish sound coming from the lake. Out the window he saw a pair of antlers making their way across, headed towards our beach. Whispering, for no other reason then it was 6 AM, we fell out of our beds and pulled on some shoes; five of the seven of us scrambled down, tripping over tree roots & rocks, kicking up sand...
To see this, so-ugly-he's-cute teenage moose eating some breakfast.

Pure magic, witnessed at dawn standing next to my first partner in crime (& moose sighting).

I guess I should have believed my parents

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