Monday, July 2

Four Hours Away From Home

fool in love that I am, this is what I packed.

the view from my desk

means of transportation

the guys about to adventure in a styrofoam & duct tape sailboat

middle of the lake

coming back to port...I needed proof

an evening swim

almost there
A week away with the family, I can't even remember the last time everyone was able to stay a whole week! I hope that I can balance boredom and productivity in a way that lets this week pass by slowly but not painful. I also know (hope) that the seven of us will get along (not kill each other) after so long in a charming (tiny) log cabin.
All joking aside, Maine is great. The further we drove, as the towns became more spread out, I felt the stress evaporating like steam from a kettle. I felt my heart start to hum with excitement and ideas. Not big ideas, just innocent small step ideas.
No matter how much I love being young in the city, for me there's nothing that compares to the smells & sounds of nature.
Sending some Maine-iac Fireflies your way!

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