Thursday, April 25

Typical market conversations

standing in line in front of Alex, when a pale nearly bald guy walks in.
Alex, excitedly nudges me "look! look! that guy looks just like pooh!"
me "ours or the real one?"
"the real one"
I giggle, "you think all old guys look like him"
Ignoring me, lost in his mind "ohh man, I'd love to drink with him"
"what do you think he'd drink?"
"vodka. obviously..."

we pay & walk outside 
Alex stops short, "what did you mean by ours or the real one? we don't have one--"
"of course we do!" cutting him off, "you won me a big stuffed one at woodstock fair, he's wearing a fishing hat"
"what are you talking about?! there's no way in hell I'd win you a giant stuffed Putin! that just says awful things about us as a couple..."
"wait, we weren't just talking about what booze winnie the pooh would drink?"
not missing a beat, "well it is and it isn't. in russia everyone drinks vodka. even winnie the pooh"


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