Wednesday, September 26

Autumn sun

The air is cooling off and the birthday season has begun! And since birthdays are celebrated on Football day...I just slip outside to fill my heart with nature & hang out with myself. We've been getting along well so far!

Now, I'm clearly not the sort of person who has any sort of willpower when it comes to collecting. Ha! I'm addicted, it fills me up, stresses me out and fills my thoughts. And I love every minute!
So when I came across a cigar box filled with Sunday school donation envelopes from the 1920's, I was in heaven! The cutest little envelopes with the greatest "tea stain" patina. When I took a peak inside, I nearly died. Every envelope has a different set of stamps, some as far back as 1864, all neatly preserved. All I could think of was Charade.

Falling into someone's stamp collection. That's what movies are made of..kinda.
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