Saturday, June 16

Trash and treasures

just some victor records on a stone wall

it's all in the details

little fairy flowers

I found this Victor Victrola Record binder sitting outside the shop when I came in today. Just like this; I wondered briefly as the shutter snapped, if someone had placed it like this to take some pictures, or if it was placed there, forgotten, and the breeze had blown it open.

The record in the sleeve is called "Carry me back to Old Virginny" A song that was written by James Bland, a well known African American composer in the 1800's. The song tells the trouble many slaves faced as they were freed, as they had little safety or family aside from life on the plantation that they had left. A modified version of this song was used as Virginia's state song, until 1997 when it was deemed too racially offensive.

This is the version on the record,

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