Tuesday, November 15

Taking Time To Look

It's times like this, in pausing to catch my breath up a hill, that I especially don't mind that I've never been one to live in a hurried way. And no one in their right wits would tell me to stop and smell any roses, or investigate a leaf, or pick up a stone. But in cases where a little daydream is close enough to live, Why even pretend that I've only fallen 3 steps behind you?

So here we are. Cobblestones peeking through pavement. Times when history is so closely intertwined with the present it's reaching out to grab someone's attention.

Are the gears of your Imagination turning yet? Visions of businessmen in suits and hats checking pocketwatches dangling from the end of gold chains...elegantly dressed women in beaded dresses and tightly wound curls going shopping...a couple or two all dolled up for a night of fun at Mechanic's Hall.

What do you think?

1 comment:

A Book Bound Life said...

I think that you def. got my imagination going! What a beautifully written entry.